Apartment / Building Renovation (Parking Structure) / Fall 2019 Graduate Design Studio | USC

Los Angeles, CA

 Student Apartment 

Building Renovation

John Southern

Traditional USC campus housing is to insular leading to feelings of isolation within the student community. Therefore, a more porous blending of student housing and public space is needed to enhance campus life for the students.
 Sharing community introduces a complete system of fluid public space, which is continuous and integral within the dispersed forms of the housing program. Rather than develop a monolithic form that would be out of scale with the surrounding context, Vertical community instead proposes a block format, results in a more porous structure. Even if individual units do not have private open space, they share a large and continuous public space, where human interaction may be maximized.

More information about this topic:  https://arch.usc.edu/news/graduate-architecture-studio-transforms-parking-into-housing

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